• Chief Architect [Mac/PC] Floor planning and 3d renderings
  • Ivy [Mac/PC] Use this tool for purchasing, this is a great tool for furniture proposals and quickly creating purchase orders for clients
  • vCita [Mac/PC] This app is not only great for scheduling appointments, but as a customer relationship management (CRM) tool
  • Recurpost [Mac/PC] I find this tool to be much more effective than Hootsuite or other social media schedulers. This allows you to load a bunch of content and it filters it through, if I get busy I never have to worry about my social media going black!
  • GetResponse [Mac/PC] I use this to send emails to my list. I started with MailChimp, but I didn’t like that I couldn’t segment leads (clients, leads, workshop sign-ups, lead magnet signups, etc) This tool was the most affordable for what I need right now while allowing me to segment which makes it easier to target messaging).
  • Toggl [Mac/PC] This is an AMAZING tool to track all hours with clients. When I bill hourly, I send a report FROM this tool then invoice right after.
  • Loom [Mac/PC] Quick videos to respond to emails, questions in my FB group and provide executional instructions for projects.
  • Ecamm Live [Mac] I use this for my Facebook live videos, it allows me to schedule live videos, share my screen, overlay text and images.
  • GoodReads I used this to keep track of books I’ve read (ahem….listened to), and other books I want to read, follow me if you have an account, I’d love to see your reading list!
  • Useloom
  • Wecora – I use this for my style survey, and back and forth communication on selections. Get 20% by using promo code BH2018

TOOLS I USED TO USE (and still recommend)

  • Calendly [Mac/PC] This is the tool I use to schedule initial calls, and all appointments with clients such as: consultations, kick-off visits etc. It’s much easier to send a link and have a client schedule that way then going back and forth to find a time that works!
  • MyDoma [Mac/PC] I used this for; All client projects, Sell gift certificates, Create packages to sell online
  • Wave [Mac/PC] Free accounting software
  • Smartsheet [Mac/PC] I use this for; Tracking my invoices monthly, Tracking my business and personal, expenses, Tracking my tasks, Managing my lead and client info
  • Bluchic [Mac/PC] This is the site I purchased my first website theme, gorgeous affordable themes!
*Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you purchase. However, none of the fees of these resources have been increased to compensate me. Some actually have given me special discounts that I am extending to you! I’m only suggesting tools I’m using or have used in my business.